Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elena...Queen of Hearts

This was a Valentine's box I created for a long-time close friend who LOVES Vampire Diaries. Since she can't decide which is cuter, Damon or Stefen...I put both on for her. :P

                         It holds a giant chocolate bar...something you can really BITE!

I dripped Lindy's Stamp gang spray to look like blood, and painted Elena's gown with nail polish. The edges at the bottom have glasss bead gel with dazzling diamond glitter sprinkled over the top. Sadly, the picture does not show how sparkly it is at the bottom. The sentiment card hides in the side pocket.


Anonymous said...

Damon is the cool one!

Tracy Sagriff said...

Hi There
I love your creations. Thank you for sharing the nuts and bolts of how to create them! I have nominated you for an award. I hope you accept it.